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Bunny Wonderland is a a homely environment created by Ms Jackie Fang to care for her rescued rabbits. Jackie and her small group of friends hope to meet like-minded who will like to advocate for rabbit welfare, care for those in need and find forever homes for the rescued rabbits. Bunny Wonderland is an informal private group not registered with R.O.S or Associations.


Here are ways you can help the rescued rabbits in Bunny Wonderland:


1. Adoption (Gallery HERE, Form HERE)

All of our adoptables are sterilized and litter-trained. Our volunteers are experienced rabbit owners who can guide you on a suitable rabbit for your family and advise you on the long term commitment of caring for the rabbit. If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption inquiry form and we will contact you soon.

 2. Monetary Contribution

We appreciate every support from friends, friends of friends, or acquaintances who know about what we do and wish to help. To offer monetary support, you can paypal to or do a bank transfer to Fang Mee Foong (DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus Account No: 0150304669). If you like to verify the receipt, please email your transaction date and amount to us.

3. Food & Supplies Contribution

We use Oxbow, APD and Alfalfa King brand food products as well as Breeder Celect paper-based litters and playpens to keep our rabbits clean. If you have any unopened bags or gently used supplies you will like to contribute to our rescued rabbits, please email us at to arrange for a drop off or pickup. Alternatively, you can also purchase through these retailers who offer the supplies we use at discounted prices and will deliver directly to our premises:

Beary Pet Supplies 

Alien Pets

Brio Pets ‘Helping Paws’ Program


4. Sponsorship (Form HERE)

If there is a specific rescued rabbit that you feel an affinity to and will like to support it during its care by Bunny Wonderland, you can consider sponsoring its food, supplies and simple medical needs on a monthly basis. This cost is estimated at $50 and it is optional for you to help further assist with its sterilization and additional medical cost. If you like to sponsor a rabbit, please complete our Sponsorship Request Form and we will contact you soon.



Bunny Wonderland appreciates all support from like-minded who voluntarily assist us in all the above. We may not be a registered society or a charity, but we will strongly adhere to the following obligations:

-All information provided to contributors or to the general public is accurate.
-All funds received will be used according to the contributor’s intentions.
-All funds received will be acknowledged either by phone, email or as requested by the contributor.
-We do not solicit donation from the public and will only accept contributions from friends, friends of friends, or acquaintances who know about what we do and wish to help.
-Written statement of our funds and how they are used can be issued to our contributors upon request

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