Our Ethics

Bunny Wonderland came so far because of the help of our trusted and dedicated volunteers, whom we called ‘BW Team’. Our official volunteers help out on a regular basis in adoption drives, event planning and educating the public. Unlike registered organizations with leadership committees and voting rights, Bunny Wonderland is purely a private group of friends who gathered to support Jackie and her fight for the neglected rabbits. Decisions are made by Jackie and supported by the BW Team.

We take pride in upholding high ethical values within our BW Team. Despite our unregistered status, we consult with the Association of Volunteer Administration to ensure we adhere to a high standard of professionalism. This includes the following core ethical values:



Each volunteer shall have a coherent philosophy in how BW functions and a common agenda in improving animal welfare while protecting human welfare.



Each volunteer shall respect others despite diverse backgrounds and there shall be no derogatory language in any written or verbal communication to or about the people we work with. All confidential information shall be guarded in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and shall not be used for purpose other than the intended.



Each volunteer shall take responsibility to do their best to help the animals despite limited resources. Each volunteer shall be accountable for their actions and seek training proactively to ensure competency in his/her role.



Each volunteer shall conduct him/herself with compassion, kindness and generosity. They shall not display misappropriate conduct that can cause psychological harm to the people we work with.



Each volunteer shall treat each other fairly and have impartial standards to avoid discriminatory behaviours. Volunteers shall not engage in potential ‘Conflict of Interest’ activity that allows unfair advantage or exploitation of others for personal, religious, political or business interest.



Each volunteer shall be committed to the truth and ensure all required communications are honest and open. They shall conduct him/herself with utmost sincerity and with good intent, never in a deceptive manner. Each volunteer shall abide to our Contribution Policy* which ensures all funds received are responsibly managed, accurately presented and never to solicit donation from the public.


Jackie takes these core ethical values very seriously and as a team, BW will not compromise on lowering any standard for any individual. Any violation to the above values with supportive evidence will result in the immediate removal of the volunteer without notice.

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