About Us

Bunny Wonderland Singapore


Jackie has been a spirited advocate for rabbit welfare and has dedicated her life to Singapore animal community since 2002. We created this website in 2013 to help raise awareness for Jackie’s work. Bunny Wonderland is the home of Jackie and through her experience caring for rabbits, she hopes to impart her learning and experience to help rabbit lovers improve their care for their loved ones. She hope to be able to help all rabbit owners to be knowledgeable and responsible caregivers.

Bunny Wonderland is a private rescue effort and does not enjoy any government funding or relief. We are an informal and private group of rabbit lovers and are not licenced, registered, or affiliated to any registered organisation. Our resources may be limited but our hearts and desire to help every bunny are large. We appreciate every support from friends, friends of friends, or any one who knows what we do and wishes to contribute to our cause. You can also contact us at bunnywonderlandsg@gmail.com.


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