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The Pioneers of Bunny Wonderland (from left to right):

Catherina “BoyBoy” Rabbitson

Christopher “Mantou” Rabbitson

Carolina “Xiao Bai mama” Rabbitson

Christina “Girl Girl” Rabbitson

In 2002, Ms Jackie Fang purchased 2 adorable baby rabbits from a pet shop out of impulse. Unfortunately, one passed away immaturely. She went on to purchase 3 more and shortly after, 3 females got pregnant! Within months, she ended up with a family of 24 rabbits. As you may have guessed it, the 4 rabbits that started her first ‘Rabbit Family’ is Catherina, Christoper, Carolina and Christina in the drawing above.

Through her experience as an ‘impulsed’ owner and an ‘accidental’ breeder, Jackie unraveled the cruel reality of pet shops and the lack of credible information for rabbit owners in Singapore. She worked closely with the House Rabbit Society Singapore and was one of the pioneer leaders in advocating for rabbit welfare. She actively engaged local veterinarians at a time when there were no ‘rabbit-savvy’ vet. Together with rabbit rescuers and veterinarians, Jackie learned and improved Singapore’s medical knowledge and treatments for domesticated rabbits.

In the past 16 years, Jackie cared for her own family of rabbits and also dedicated her life to helping rabbits in dire need for help. She has rescued rabbits from abusive families, dangerous situations, as well as from the brink of death. She created a sanctuary out of her own home for the sick to heal and the old to live out their lives. She called her home Bunny Wonderland. Over the years, she has rescued and nurtured hundreds of rabbits and helped them to find a second chance in life to be loved and treasured.

In 2013, Jackie met Ms Lynne Tan through the ‘Farmart Rescue’ mission where 42 rabbits were at risk of being euthanized due to the passing of their caregiver. Lynne had just returned to Singapore after a 10-year stint in the United States but her experience in US-based animal rescues enabled her to support Jackie through the mission. Their trust and respect for each other created a partnership that had went on to help more animals. Together, they created Bunny Wonderland Singapore.

While Jackie maintained her primary role as a caregiver for the rescued animals, Lynne created the social media network to gather like-minded to help these rabbits together. In addition to sharing their stories, she organized fund-raising projects as well as adoption drives to find forever homes for the rabbits. Together, the duo has rescued and re-homed over 300 rabbits since 2013. Jackie and Lynne strongly believes that it is the duty of the society to protect our animals. They hope that through Bunny Wonderland Singapore, they can advocate for responsible pet and discourage people from supporting the unethical operation of the pet industry.


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